A Guide To Multiple Object Tracking & Visual Concentration In Sports

Leveraging this skill can give you a winning edge in almost every sport

Dr. Daniel Laby
4 min readJan 30


A partly solved Rubik's cube which requires visual concentration and even multiple target tracking
Photo by Pixabay

Multiple target tracking and the related visual concentration ability are important skills for any athlete to master in order to be successful in their sport. It allows them to track the movements of multiple opponents at once and anticipate their opponent’s moves. This can be especially beneficial in team sports such as soccer, basketball, and hockey, where athletes must be aware of the movements of multiple opponents in order to make the most effective plays.

The importance of concentration

Another skill that goes hand in hand with multiple target tracking is the ability to concentrate on visual information. Commonly available tests of multiple target tracking (sometimes termed multiple object tracking or MOT) require very sustained visual concentration in order to follow the moving targets correctly and complete the testing task.

Being able to track multiple targets can also help athletes in individual sports, such as tennis, golf, and even running. In these sports, athletes must be able to accurately judge the distance between themselves and their opponents in order to ensure that they are in the right place at the right time. Being able to track multiple targets, and concentrate on visual information effectively, allows athletes to more accurately gauge their opponents’ speed and react accordingly.

An additional area where multiple target tracking can be beneficial is for the coaches and analysts, as it allows them to track the performance of their players in real time. Consider the skill needed for a soccer, hockey, or basketball staff to follow all players participating in a competition This ability can help them identify areas of improvement and make on-the-fly adjustments to their strategies, as needed, for the maximal success of the team. Additionally, for example, if a coach notices that a player is struggling to keep up with their opponents, they can make adjustments to the team’s strategy in order to better accommodate the…



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